Response from the observer’s Formspring




Good news/bad news

So Episode 52 (Y U DO DIS?!?) But whatever. Understandable. These boys have lives.

Did quite honestly get chills up and down my arms when I was checking my twitter this morning. Fuck. Sorry, Noah. Happy Birthday? Don’t die, buddy.

No nightmares last night. First in a couple weeks.



So, there’s been a little niggling sensation in the back of my head now, mostly related to the Device from TribeTwelve. The Observer says something along the lines that Noah and everyone he’s ever known are perceiving only Shadows and that he can “untie” him, and teach him about what casts said shadows.

Now, I loooove finding things out, and sleuthing, and exploring and learning. I don’t know if that’s a function of being a 20-year-old, or a college kid, or what, but I have this little part of my brain, that everytime I see Noah and his knife, or Evan and his anger, or anyone else saying “let’s FIGHT it” says; “Why are we fighting the Slenderman?”

I mean, yes, he terrifies us. This is true. But we’re human! We fear the unknown, it’s our general nature. What reason, beside the fact that he watches us and that frightens us, do we have for detesting the Slenderman?

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